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My tech academy provides individuals and small businesses with the skills to master critical tech skills and strategies that drive personal and business growth.

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We are a team of black women entrepreneurs with over 80 years of combined experience in technology, education, and business growth and development.

In this constantly changing high-tech world, it is our mission to empower individuals and entrepreneurs through virtual live expert-led technology training. 

Our professional instructors deliver hands-on high-tech IT and business training solutions that keep businesses ahead of the technology curve.

All courses are made simple, user-friendly, and incorporate learning methods that meet the styles, demands, and schedules of beginner to advanced learners. 

As changes in technology continue to accelerate, my tech academy will continue to provide computer training that keeps entrepreneurs tech-savvy, productive, and invaluable. 

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Our mission is to help people without high tech backgrounds and resources to grow personally and professionally

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