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Jammin On My PC is an interactive hands-on course for the kinesthetic learner, someone who needs to be actively engaged in their learning. This beginner computer class empowers you to go deeper and get comfortable with the most popular applications on your computer. The lessons are interactive and fun. You will actually go LIVE and practice using video applications, like Zoom and Facebook. Discover apps on your phone that are used as spyware and embedded in games, mirrors, and videos. You will learn tips and tricks to stay safe, secure, and remain private while using your computer. All lessons are hands-on, interactive, and fun!

Course content

We will begin with understanding the functions and interactions of Windows, Word, Excel and how those basic skills become the foundation for every application on your computer. We practice basic skill sets in the Jammin On My PC workbook. This session will set the stage for using online applications and media in the next session.

 3 Activities – 60 min

This session starts with a review of the basic computer skills learned in session one. Then we dive into online applications, what they  are designed to do, when, where, and how to use the camera, insert background or not, and most importantly stay safe and secure. We will do fun excises and go Live in the class to get a real feel of what Go “Live” really is and what it looks like.

 3 Activities – 60 min

Get to know that small robot that you are carrying everywhere you go! It’s the one device you don’t leave home without. Your kids or grandkids won’t dare go for a long ride and leave behind! We understand the addition behind the device, how you are being traced, and when you talk about hamburgers you get a popup ad selling burgers! Learn how to block the spies! We will end with a recap of all sessions and activities.

2 activities 60 min

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