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In this course, you will learn Facebook Marketing techniques by creating an awesome Facebook page that works for you. This is a HANDS-ON LIVE interactive workshop. You will learn and understand how Facebook works and why it is so powerful. You will learn to leverage the power of Facebook by understanding how to create an awesome page that does not only look good but is optimized to take your online presence to the next level!

You will be able to connect your Facebook and Instagram pages. You will be able to create and schedule posts. You will be able to grow your Facebook page likes and post engagement. You will be able to find new customers that will drive your brand to new heights via online marketing. Join this course now to learn how to take your brand, product, service, or public figure to the next level with the power of just being on Facebook!

Course Content

Lets stat with the benefits of  being on  Facebook, what? when? & Why?

1 Activity – 15 min

You will create a  plan for choosing and creating a list of the best keywords for your site. Developing the best strategies for how to be found organically.

1 Activity – 60 min

SEO Content is Everything

We will review successful Facebook pages that are rising to the top of google and then create our own. We will use best practices and strategies to create the most optimized Facebook Page that gets noticed.

2 Activities – 60 min

We will explore artificial intelligence (AI) tools that track the top keywords, page performance, and activity that our competition is using to generate traffic, engage their audience and grow their presence on Facebook.

Starting from scratch or making strategic changes to your Facebook page, in this hands-on session, you will create or edit your business Facebook page for optimization.

What good is optimization without knowing how to test for performance? We will learn how to generate and read the data using Facebook Insights!

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