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In this Microsoft level-up course, you will learn advanced techniques, in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Including Customizing animated presentations in PowerPoint, creating custom financial forms in Excel, and tracking changes between shared documents in Word. This is a project-based learning course that is designed to fit your needs and discover key tools and shortcuts that simplify and improves efficiency.

Course Content

We begin with an inadept review of basic Microsoft Office skills to refresh your memory and build a solid foundation for advanced techniques that will be covered in the next two sessions. 

2 Activities – 90min

In this session we will work with advanced editing features such as comments, track changes, etc. We will also use Word’s table of contents, referencing and other indexing  tools to quickly/accurately produce professional documents. Using Word’s language and pre-defined text tools to quickly add and translate text accurately. Inserting and formatting Text Boxes, Word Art, SmartArt and  Building Blocks to enhance the overall look of a document and present  information more effectively. Adding, formatting and managing tables effectively to present information in a structured way. Using Word to insert equations into a document. Finally, incorporate Word features with Excel.

6 Activities – 90 min

In this session, we will build tools to help you automate, and streamline your workflow with Excel tips and tools. We will explore spreadsheet functions to organize data.  Understand filtering, Pivot Tables, and Charts. Lastly, we will dive into various advanced graphing and charting techniques in Excel.

6 Activities – 90 min

In this sessions you will learn how to  use diagrams and charts , video and audio techniques, PowerPoint animation, hyperlinks, linking and embedding, merging, comparing & exporting powerful PowerPoint presentations!

Then, you will learn how to  format and customize your slides.  Lastly you learn to troubleshoot those embarrassing issues that arise just before show time, sharing, design & compatibility!

3 Activities – 90min

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